1. Start with small workouts

You do not need to workout for hours on your first exercise, remember you are in it for the long run (that is if you’re trying to make it a habit). We recommend you start with light exercise for a maximum of 20-30 minutes on your first day, even 5 minutes will do.The goal is to get started!


2. Do not get upset if you miss a workout

Just because you missed a workout does not mean you need to say bye to working out at all. It is perfectly normal to feel unwell one day and miss a workout. It is all about waking up the next day and getting back to it.  


3. Do not have unrealistic goals

The people you see on the cover of magazines or people with great summer bodies have put in a lot of work to be where they’re at. Do not be upset with yourself if you’re not seeing progress in a couple of days, remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. That does not mean you cannot achieve the same great look, just know that it does not happen in a short time.