The rising popularity of healthy lifestyle and fitness persuaded us to create the first Georgian fitness app for the international market, which will soon be available on Android and iOS devices.

Liffit is a mobile app, which primarily acts as your motivator and friend, which is essential for starting, resuming, or returning to a healthy lifestyle. The app will help you fall in love with working out. It will also make a healthy lifestyle an indivisible part of your everyday life.

Liffit is a top-notch fitness app, which allows you to be in your best shape working out anytime, anywhere. The ultra-modern features of the app provide the best comfort possible. Highly qualified professionals designed the workout programs which fit the individual needs of each customer.

The algorithm of the Liffit app takes into account various details about you. Based on this data, it offers you a specific time to perform the exercises. Also, you can view and track your statistics and achievements, which is essential for maintaining your motivation.

Physical activity has bettered the lives of millions. The reality clearly showed us that for having effective results going to the gym is not necessary. The most important part of this process is motivation, which will encourage you to reach your goals.

Do not forget, making working out a priority means making yourself a priority. Working out can improve your life- make it healthier, more energetic, more successful, and happier.

So do you want to better your body and life? Then the app is for you.